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888 Main St, PO Box Nine, Silver Plume, CO 80476 USA
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888 Main St., PO Box Nine,
Silver Plume, CO 80476 USA
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Plume happily ships our dealer orders directly to you from Colorado or you may order directly from Plume.

YouTube: Wafer Explained and Wafer 200 Explained

Plume 30th Anniversary Trade-In / Trade-Up Offer: If you are an original WAFER owner and want a new or larger WAFER, here is an more...►
NEW: Beautylight series co-branded with Samy's Camera. Coming Fall 2017

WAFER Diffusion Banks change the raw light of a the studio flash into a controllable "window" of broad light. This now classic 25 year old design is known for its exceptional light quality and thin profile.   More ►
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COCOON Product Cove makes small product imaging quick work. Put your product inside this zip-up dome, add a light source including the sun, aim the camera and, presto! blasto!, a perfectly lit product photo. More ►


WAFER "Flash" Rings are a lighter weight, more compact design for WAFER and for our competitors - Chimera, Calumet, Redwing, Photoflex, Westcott lightbanks.   
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SCANDLES Daylight Fluorescent provides an efficient, daylight balanced, heat free light source, that travels easily. Light efficiencies are arguably 8 to 12 times that of incandescent sources when used for CCD imaging and without the projected IR (heat!) that distorts CCD response.  More ►

JUMBRELLA, "jumbo" meets "umbrella" - BIG, portable, easily assembled umbrella. Or is it a 3D silk or 14 foot ring light? Fill it with light or just a graduate a half? One light only or one of each flavor?   More ►

Lowel Ego Site
Gary Regester's Lowel EGO, makes the New York Times. click to read the article.
Visit the EGO Blog Join the conversation between EGO's designer and users.

PLUME TOOLS catches all those eclectic inventions for dedicated itinerant lightmongers and photo pilgrims. StudioWalls, Tallats, Chimneys and Cocoons. Take a look.   
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TILTALL SUPPORT for the classic tripod by the brothers Marchioni and its subsequent iterations - Lietz, Star-D, Uniphot and the present embodiment by Oliver Yang.    More ►

GARY REGESTER's portfolio and personal site.    More ►

RESOURCE LINKS to visit some helpful and some eclectic sites. More ►

ARTZONE GREECE archives the wonderful black and white site of Elias Eliadis.    More ►

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